The Ghost Walk


The Ghost Walk runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm from the Tourist Information Centre in Castle Square. Booking is not required although the organisers recommend that you turn up at least 5-10 minutes before the departure time. The price for this event is £4.00 for Adults, and £2.00 for children under 12. Special tours and functions can be arranged in advance.

Telephone: 01522 874056

ELLIS MILL [video]

This small tower mill was built in 1798. It was eventually equipped with patent sails and worked until 1941 when one of the remaining pair of sails was blown off. The cap was taken off in the 1940's, followed by the machinery. The tower then stood disused until 1975, when it was set on fire and completely gutted. This would have been the end of it but for the intervention of Lincoln Civic Trust, who set about the rebuilding of the mill as a 'Silver Jubilee' project in 1977. The Mill is now fully working and open to the public for tours. They even sell their own milled flour. Watch a short video clip of Ellis Mill at work.

Mill Road (off Burton Road), Lincoln
Telephone: 01522 523870




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Ellis Mill, Mill Road

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